Tampa Employment Law Attorney

Hillsborough County Employee Rights Lawyer

At the Poulos Law Firm in Tampa, Florida, I stand up for the rights of employees in cases involving:

I represent employees in all industries, including restaurant workers, bar workers, waiters and waitresses, and other service industry employees, as well as doctors, nurses, health care professionals and other professionals. Whether you work for a small, local business or a large, national chain, you can be confident that my experience can benefit you.

A Unique Perspective on Employment Law

My parents ran a restaurant and bar. Growing up, I saw firsthand how a good employer treats employees. When I began my career as an attorney, I provided defense representation to employers like my parents. I know from experience the mistakes that employers can make, as well as the intentional errors that some use to save money by undermining employee rights. I also know that the laws are on the employee's side. Regardless of the strategies that the employer may use, I know how to overcome them in order to get positive results.

I am an experienced trial attorney. If negotiation and less contentious means of resolving a labor law case fail, I will take the matter to trial to do what is right for you.

Employment Law Cases Can Be Extremely Complex

It is not unusual for an employee to come into my office with two or more types of employment law cases tangled together such as an unpaid wages claim and a breach of employment contract issue. I have even seen cases in which employment law cases are tied to physical disputes and potential civil actions. No matter how complex your case may seem, my experience allows me to handle it efficiently and effectively.

Free Consultation

To schedule a free consultation with a Tampa employment law attorney, call me at 813-418-7406 or send me an e-mail. Employment law cases are typically handled on a contingency basis, meaning I will only request payment if I am successful in getting you what you are owed, or I will seek payment of fees from your employer.

In addition to English, I provide legal services in Greek.